In order for a company to be able to show a professional work, many choose to adorn their documents with a company seal. A company seal, although most no longer required for authenticating a document from a company, is sometimes still used to show a more proper work. A Kiasu company seal makes a company look more credible and appropriate and even though it is starting to get dismissed more often as its uses can be replaced by an authorized person’s signature, it is still a good thing to own one to complete the correspondence or documents release of a company.

A company seal holds importance at the mark and official seal of a company that represents the entire body of the corporation. Any document that is marked by the company seal means that the whole company has agreed to all terms and conditions that is written there and will take responsibility for it. It makes any signature of the person who approves the document has more power and authority, looking more official. A signature may be faked, but it is hard to counterfeit a company seal because there is only one company seal and it is usually more difficult to duplicate.

Other than for authenticating documents, a company seal may still be used for financial purposes such as opening a bank account. The bank will ask the company to provide a company seal, so it’s always best to be ready in case it is needed.

Another use of a company seal is for business transaction-related matters. It can be beneficial for approving contracts and legal representation as mentioned before, as a company seal is a mark of the company and represents it.

Because it is very important, the use of a company seal must be kept track of. It has to be always approved prior to use and every time it is put to action, the event must be documented in the Articles of Association. Most importantly, the use of a company seal must be done under the supervision of the company’s CEO or president and it can’t be valid without their signature along with the seal.

Aside from the company seal, you may want to consider other types of seal for your company. You should make different types of seals depending on their uses to authenticate and approve a more specific type of documents, the financial related matter as mentioned before. You can make a financial seal for it, specifically for the related matter. Other types of seals that you can consider are invoice seal, contract seal, legal representative seal, and still many others. By making these specific seals, you can divide the documents and get processed with the right seals so that they can be authenticated quicker and more effectively. By the end of the day, your company will work more productively and be able to save a lot of time aside from sealing documents.

Make sure that you create your company seal in a high quality to portray the right company image.