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A foam board poster is a versatile medium that you can use for advertisements, decorations, or any other things. Because of that, you may often find that foam board posters are used for various purposes in many places.  

Today, a foam board poster is gaining more popularity because of its versatility, durability, cost-effectiveness and ease of making! But even though the poster is easy to make, to get an effective poster, you still need a few tips for that. Here are some tips you can follow to have an effective foam board poster!  

1. Use Limited Information or Text in the Design 

Even though you will put a lot of information on the poster, you still have to limit it. Posters are not the same as books, where you can put just about anything in. With a limited area, you better include only the essential information to make your poster more effective!  

2. Prepare High-Quality and Professional Photos 

To make an effective foam board poster, preparing high-quality and professional photo is a must! Especially for advertising and decoration poster! If the poster is for advertising, how will people be attracted to your poster if you put up an unprofessional and poor-quality photo on it? They may think that your ad is not professional and not trusted enough. Also, for decoration purposes, are you sure that your poster looks good enough to be a decoration item? So, only use and prepare high-quality and professional photos to be used on your foam board poster!  

3. Avoid Typographical Error 

Can the wrong information make your poster effective? No! Therefore, you must avoid typos to create an effective poster. But what can you do for that? Of course, check and proofread every text or information on the poster. What’s more, when you put in a fair amount of information on the poster, you need to make sure that there are no typos on it. 

4. The Quality of the Print Determines the Result 

The appearance of your foam board poster matters! You cannot overlook it, especially if you want to make a poster for attracting people’s attention or make it as a decoration item. One of the things that contribute to your poster look is the quality of the print. Because of that, you cannot randomly select a printing service. You need to make sure that you print your foam board poster with high-quality prints. So, find out a trusted and specialist foam board printing service to make your poster look stunning! 

5. Identify the Location Where You Will Place the Foam Board 

Have you decided where you will place your poster? If you know exactly where you’re going to put it that is great! But for those who have not decided yet, don’t worry. You just have to decide whether the poster will be placed inside or outside. Why? Because in the last tip, you need to adjust your foam board poster to the conditions in which it will be placed. For instance, if you want to put it outside, then make sure you print it with the ink and materials that will be suitable for outdoor use. By doing that, your poster can be durable to use in a long period.