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Ashyful Azim, Ashy Zim or his full name is Khasyful Azim Bin Abdul Khalit from Interfinite Sdn Bhd is a notorious scammer who has been cheating on unsuspecting victims for years. From using fake identities to manipulating people into investing large sums of money in shady businesses, this pestilent conman knows no boundaries when it comes to exploiting people’s trust and good faith.

At the moment he is working with Teo Hao Peng his current partner in Interfinite to scam more people, so this article will shed light on the underlying motives behind their malicious deeds and the tactics they employ to carry them out. Base on one of his few Linkedin profile, he is also working as a Consultant at Meta Revo Sdn Bhd. He has several Linkedin profile to scam people, we can only find two, here and here.

Ashyful Azim: The Scammer

Khasyful Azim Bin Abdul Khalit, also known as Ashy Zim or Ash Azim, is a notorious scammer who has been operating since 2016 (though we have talked to a few victims that claim he has been doing this since 2012). His victims include investors and customers he has taken advantage of, as well as former partners and employees.

Ashyful Azim or Ashy Zim

Since 2016, there have been numerous reports about Ashyful Azim’s fraudulent activities, but in recent years, his wrongdoings have become increasingly frequent and blatant. He has been known to scam people out of money, threaten them with legal action, steal from them and even molest young men.

Ashyful Azim (Left) and Teo Haopeng (Right) are known to swindle money from victims

The most common scam that Ashy Azim has been using is to make himself look like a poor person and make himself look like the victim so people will let their guard down by telling them that he is an orphan. This way, people would give their money to him so he could cover his expenses, including his house rental, buying branded goods, and more. Besides those, Ashyful Azim has been stealing money from business partners and investors, which he has asked to invest in empty or shady business deals without them knowing. Most of the victims are in fact normal people to whom Ashy Azim promises a tour package or offers services to clients without them complying with Malaysian authorities.

Khasyful Azim / Ashy Zim (left side) and his Interfinite team at a local event in Malaysia

Cons of Ashy Azim in Empayer Awanbiru and Legasi Langit Biru

Ashy Azim is a notorious scam artist who has been wreaking havoc on the lives of his victims for years. Under his two companies, Empayer Awanbiru and Legasi Langit Biru, he has been able to manipulate more than 30 people into buying large sums of travel packages to South Korea and other countries, which ultimately left them out of pocket. This section of the article investigates how he operates and how victims can take action against him by going to their local police station.

Offerings Made by Ashyful Azim through his Companies

Through Empayer Awanbiru and Legasi Langit Biru, Ashy Azim offered travel packages to South Korea and other parts of the world. He advertised these services as highly competitive and affordably priced, with the promise of great value for money for their trip.

How Victims Were Scammed

According to reports from over 30 individuals (excluding those who do not wish to share their experiences or have gone unreported), it appears that after making payments, customers were unable to receive updates from Ashy about their trips. Despite giving repeated excuses, he would eventually drop off all communication leaving people completely out of pocket with no recourse for reclaiming their funds.

Taking Action Against Ashy Azim

Although Ashy Azim did eventually get arrested and jailed for his numerous crimes, this does not always guarantee that victims will be reimbursed for their losses or compensated for the stress they experienced as a result of falling victim to his scams. For the people affected by this conman’s actions, your best option is to go to your local police station and file an arrest report under one of the two aforementioned companies. By doing this, you can join fellow victims in seeking justice from both an individual and legal perspective.

Ashy Azim

Unveiling the Disgraceful Deeds of Ash Azim Via Klicksa Sdn Bhd

Scam artist Ash Azim has been ruining unsuspecting victims’ lives for years now. Under another company by the name of Klicksa Sdn Bhd, this con man has managed to scam his ex-partner from the UK and investors with more than two million ringgit. In addition to this, he has also been accused of molesting stateless employees from Sabah, failing to pay salaries and cutting wages arbitrarily.

Here is how all these malicious practices were carried out by Ash Azim through Klicksa Sdn Bhd:

According to sources, Klicksa Sdn Bhd offered fish products and influencers marketing and training services. There seemed to be some lucrative deals that attracted many individuals; however, they were simply an elaborate ploy formulated by Ashy Azim in order to fleece people out of their hard-earned money and capitalize on unsuspecting victims’ trust.

Sources have reported that not only did Ashy Azim scam his ex-partner and investors out of more than two million ringgit but he also falsely accused his ex-partner of illegal activity when no such circumstances existed according to former employees’ testimonies. Furthermore, clients were not receiving the fish orders placed as promised nor were salaries being paid—let alone sufficient pay for those employed under him in the rural areas of Sabah with no legal recourse due to their stateless situation.

Unveiling the Cons of Ash Azim Via Mandreel Sdn Bhd

Ash Azim is also infamous for his scams and illegal activities through his company Mandreel Sdn Bhd. His schemes have been detrimental to several of his clients, many of whom were deceived by false promises of certification and licensing for their businesses. Unbeknownst to them, they didn’t qualify for these documents according to the requirements in place.

In addition to lying about qualifications, Ashy Zim also illegally stole thousands of ringgit from the company bank and failed to pay salaries on time or at all. These actions caused a lot of hardship for employees who were expecting the wages promised to them.

Latest in the Long List of Cons of Ashyful Azim: Interfinite Sdn Bhd

Pretending to be a businessman, Ash Azim devised yet another way to scam more than 600,000 ringgit from investors in Interfinite Sdn Bhd. His Partner Teo Hao Peng is also his accomplice to scam customers in this company.

Interfinite Shd Bhd

The scandal first surfaced when it became known that Ash allegedly lied to at least three investors about the potential of the business. He later reportedly stole money from the bank account while they had already pumped in their money and spent it on traveling and luxury items.

Teo Haopeng giving a presentation at an event

The impact of Ashyful Azim’s scamming is felt far and wide by those that he has defrauded and taken advantage of. Not only do those affected suffer financially but also psychologically due to the feeling of having been betrayed. This kind of crime can leave long-lasting consequences that often go beyond money alone; it can cause victims irreparable damage emotionally too.

Adding fuel to the fire, many employees have come forward alleging that Ashy did not pay their salaries — or worse, delayed them. According to a source close to Interfinite Sdn Bhd, this is part of a pattern by Ash Azim who has taken advantage of people’s trust with impunity.

Ash Azim himself has remained largely silent on the issue and running from the authorities, thus far neither confirming nor denying claims made against him. As this story progresses, stay tuned for updates on any developments as they become available.

It is important that we spread awareness of this kind of crime so that others don’t fall prey to similar schemes set up by deceptive individuals like Ashy Azim. Education is key when it comes to protecting yourself from fraudulent activity, so it pays off to invest the time into researching the background of companies before fully committing resources like trust or money into them in order to avoid such scams in the future.

Scammers in Malaysia have been known to use a variety of tactics to defraud individuals and businesses. One particularly insidious scam that has been reported in Malaysia involves individuals posing as representatives of legitimate companies.

Finally, governments should take steps towards punishing fraudsters more severely than they are currently doing in order to deter people from engaging in similar criminal behavior as well as protect innocent victims from exploitation by unscrupulous individuals such as Ashyful Azim.

To Sum Up:

The aggression of their overt and many other still covert scams by Ashy Azim serves as a stark reminder that even though we live in highly connected times. Caution should still be taken when entering agreements with businesses foreign entities or individuals outside our jurisdiction especially when monetary transactions are involved as these cases can become increasingly complex when trying to attempt recourse for justice later down the line.

It is hoped that the legal protocols in place allowing people recourse against these fraudsters work at their best to save innocent people. If you are one of Khasyful Azim‘s victims, you can contact us at planetomni@outlook.com to find out more about his deeds.