With great pleasure and pride, PT. Matahari Putra Prima Tbk. (“MPPA”) announces that it has been awarded a Halal Certificate by the Halal Product Assurance Agency (“BPJPH”) earlier today. With its 139 multiformat stores, distribution hubs, and headquarters spread around the country, MPPA now holds the distinction of being the country’s first contemporary retailer to earn a halal certificate. The Halal Certificate helps MPPA continue to provide its customers with the greatest retail services and assurance while making purchases for their household needs.

Elliot Dickson, the MPPA’s chief executive officer, said: “The Halal Certification from BPJPH for all of MPPA’s commercial operation lines, including Hypermart, Hyfresh, Foodmart, Primo, FMX, Distribution Centers, and Head Office nationwide, is an honor for the company. This is in line with the company’s sustainability efforts and main goal, which is to provide its valued consumers with Fresh products that adhere to the stringent halal regulations.”

The Indonesian Council of Ulama (“MUI”) issued the Company with a Halal Decree, which is now being continued by BPJPH. Meeting these requirements demonstrates MPPA’s strong commitment to maintaining the halal integrity of goods and retail services as well as to implementing the Halal Assurance System (“HAS”) in all business line operations and supporting functions (Distribution Centers and Head Office).

BPJPH Chairman Muhammad Aqil Irham stated, “We are really grateful to PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk for obtaining halal certification after meeting all conditions in accordance with legal standards. This emphasizes the need for business owners to start placing a high priority on consumer safety as part of their long-term sustainability objectives. We hope that additional companies, particularly those in the food retailing and service industries, would follow MPPA in obtaining a comparable halal certification.”

The Aprindo Chairman, Roy Mandey, added, “The fact that one of its members highlighted the relevance of halal to all of its business lines countrywide and received the Halal Certification makes Aprindo happy as well. Mr. K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, paid attention to MPPA’s priority in implementing halal compliance in day-to-day operations when he visited Hypermart Jakarta City Center (JACC) in Thamrin City, Jakarta (May 2022), along with Chairman of Aprindo (Roy Mandey), Founder of the Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center (Sapta Nirwandar), & Director of Hypermart.

In order to maintain the Halal Certification, MPPA will continue to make sure that all production processes and facilities at suppliers, product deliveries from suppliers, product receipt and storage in warehouses, product receipt, handling, processing, and display in stores, services at cashier checkout, and product delivery to customers’ homes all adhere to the HAS standards.