Technology has advanced beyond our imagination and before we knew it, everything we do in business is digitalized. Mails are now sent through the internet, contracts are signed digitally, meetings can be done with video chat and so many other things that benefit us all. Old ways are starting to get pushed back even more and more. One of the conventional tools that are endangered is a business card or name card. However, many believe that it isn’t going to just go away without a fight. Name card printing will continue to be an important thing to do for businesses and companies at least for several years to come. Here are the reasons why that you might want to ponder about if you are one of the people who disregard the importance and benefits of this small business item.

  1. Name card makes information exchange more personal

Although sending business information and getting things done digitally are a lot faster and more convenient, it undeniable feels impersonal. There is no eye contact in doing so and there will be less impact created by the exchange. It is still preferable to exchange information traditionally with a name card. Later on, you can store the information in your mobile device and keep it digitally.

  1. Effective marketing tool

Advertise and promote your business and brand directly as you exchange business information with a name card. It is quick and direct as well as straightforward. It is also quick and you can do it everywhere whenever you have the chance. As a prepared businessman, you should always keep a stash of your name card in your pocket anywhere you go to be prepared. Potential clients and customers can be met anywhere beyond your expectation.

  1. Creating a good first impression

As you try to entice people regarding your business, it is inevitable that you would want to let them keep your name card. Now, you must make each chance count. That’s why the design of a name card is severely important. You will leave either a positive or negative impression based on how you convey the message and the design of your name card. If it appears professional and meticulous, it will affect your business positively. A name card could also be a good tool for ice breaking and creating further conversation.

  1. Shows that you are prepared

While taking your chance, you might want to do anything in order to leave a good impression and let them leave with a memorable item and information so that they will be able to contact you later on. If you aren’t prepared with a name card, you will face difficulty in providing them a note of your contact and business information that can be simply included in a business card. If you always have it prepared, you will waste no time in trying to jot down contact information somewhere. A business card makes you look prepared and give you the right impression. Although it costs a lot more money to produce, name card or business card is always worth it.