Author: Miro Simmer

Working with a painting calls for a good quality easel, especially if you are a professional. An easel stand in Singapore helps you keep your painting in place as you work on it. But not only that, with a proper easel stand, you can work in a better posture and avoid injuries from prolonged bad work posture. Of course, you will avoid the risk of spilling anything on the painting and dust collection on your precious work as well.

There are several different types of easels that you can choose, depending on the size of canvas you usually work with and the space you have for it. Some easel stands are better for larger paintings, some only support small to medium-sized ones. Meanwhile, some are easy to transport and some are bulky and difficult to move. Of course, some are less sturdier than others as well.

For example, if you work with watercolor and only have small space for working, then table easel is perfect for you because you can’t possibly put your canvas or paper in a vertical position as it will ruin your work. Ask yourself the medium you use, the size of canvas you usually prefer, the space you have, and whether you enjoy working outdoors or indoors.

The price of an easel stand may vary since each has different material quality and size. If you’re only beginning, then you can go for a cheaper one yet at a good quality. But if you are professional, moreover if you work with a large canvas, then you should consider a sturdy and big easel such as an H-frame easel. If you like to move around for your working space, then try to find an easel that is lighter to transfer. But remember that easels like this usually sacrifice its sturdiness. Also, consider a storage box especially if you enjoy painting outside.

You can also consider getting a French easel, which is a three in one easel that has a sketch box, an easel, and a canvas carrier. A French easel can hold your painting supplies and palette, which makes it very convenient. It is easy to carry as well because the legs and canvas holding arm can be collapsed, with a place to attach the canvas when you’re transporting your tools to the place you want. The angle of this easel stand is definitely adjustable, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Another type of easel that you can consider is sketching or portable easels. This type of easel stands is lightweight so that it can be easily taken outdoors. There is also a display easel type that is made for showing a painting. This is specifically made for display and not for working on a painting, so it can be quite flimsy.

Preferable, choose an easel stand that has a box for storing painting supplies, you’ll need it especially if you need to move around. It is a lot more convenient rather than having to bring a separate supply box for your paints and brushes on top of having to carry your easel to the place you want to work at.