Month: March 2020

Creating a private limited liability company In Singapore is considered as the best way for registering the relocated or new business in Singapore. Starting a Company in Singapore is a legal entity as it mainly offers the shareholders protection even from any kind of debt that is beyond the amount of the capital. Mainly rules that have been set in the Singapore Companies Act most uniquely without any hassle. Registering the company is more important in Singapore that would legalize the whole process without any hassle. It allows the individuals above age 18 to easily registering the company in Singapore. This especially forms as the most unique process with the incorporation along with registering the company in Singapore in a more significant way. Mainly, the company registration Singapore involves the complete set of the Singapore Corporation that is incorporated with more processes at the most reasonable aspects without any hassle.

Requirements For Singapore Company Registration:

Similar to all other countries, Singapore Government requires many requirements for the company registration Singapore which would be useful for easily complying on starting the company most uniquely. Only by submitting all kinds of company registration in the Singapore, it would be a suitable solution in a unique way. When you require registration of your business in the most unique way and fast aspects then you could get a convenient solution here. Of course, you can easily make the registration of Pvt Ltd Company via Self-registration in Singapore but it is not allowed for foreigners in Singapore. With the completion of the name approval documents of a company, you could easily apply for the company registration with the following documents in a more unique way.

Documents Required By ACRA:

The company Constitution also called the Articles of Association. Now, you could adapt to the ACRA which is a standard Singapore company constitution and it is considered as fair for all the parties that are mainly involved for incorporations. Signed Consent is most important for each company in many more legal aspects. Officials would make a complete Check on the residential address details and Identification for each of the shareholders along with other officers in the company. Corporate Service Provider (CSP) will also be required by the ACRA for international AML regulations and it is important to conduct the Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence.

Register With Singapore Company Registrar, ACRA:

With the complete incorporation documents are prepared than the company could be mainly registered under the ACRA. The whole registration process of the company would mainly be conducted online so that it would only take less than an hour. In some of the rare cases, the whole company registration is mainly referred to as other agencies by the government for vetting and it could take about a few weeks.

For Individual Shareholders

  • Passport copy
  • Residency card or NRIC
  • Residential address proof
    • Driver’s license
    • Recent utility bill
    • Rental agreement
  • Brief professional background

For Corporate Shareholders:

  • Company’s name
  • Registration number
  • Registered address
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Particulars of all Shareholders and Directors
  • Business activities
  • Authorized Person Resolution
  • Authorization to hold shares
  • Appointment of an Authorized Person
  • Ownership structure chart