Month: September 2019

A way to promote your products or services toward a larger audience in an effective and cheap way is by using a name card as an advertising tool. It is easy to make and does not cost much. It is most likely why despite it being considerably conventional, it is still used until today even by large companies in certain events or campaigns they make. It is still as popular as it is always been, and looks like name cards will still be around for a long time.

If you are interested in using the name card for your advertising purposes as well, however, you need to first know the advantages and disadvantages of it.

First, let’s go over the advantages and benefits that you can get from using a name card as an advertising tool.

1. Low cost

As mentioned before, name card printing does not cost much. Even more, if you order in large quantities or in bulk, you may even get cheaper price deal from the printing service you use. So, you will get an even cheaper price.

A name card needs a design before it can be produced. Making a name card design itself is not hard and it does not require expensive equipment. You simply need a decent computer capable of design and a skill for operating the software or application for design. Even if you don’t have it or are unable to do it yourself, you can use the service of a designer where they will do it for you with a price.

2. Easy to produce

It only takes a few simple steps for a name card to be made. Name cards can be completed in a day, commonly, depending on the quantity of your order. Because of this simplicity, it’s easy for you to make a decision anytime, like canceling design or revising it mid-process if you notice something wrong. It still does not cost much even if you need to readjust things in the design of your name card.

3. Simple and quick message delivery

A name card is easy to read because an ideal name card consists of the concise advertising message. It makes it easier for people to understand what you are trying to promote within quick seconds.

Now, what are the disadvantages of name card?

1. Easily dismissed

People tend to just ignore or throw away a name card without even giving it a chance. To overcome this, you must make sure that the design of your name card is eye-catching enough for people to notice and is capable of making their interest grow, reeling them in to read the entirety of your name card before easily throwing away your name card. One of the ways you can do this is by coming up with an interesting headline and choosing vivid colors for your name card.

2. Does not create a strong impact

Compared to other media of advertising such as TV commercial, name card indeed can’t leave that strong of an impact in people’s minds because unlike TV commercial, the advertising with a name card toward and an individual can not be done as repetitively to embed the message in their minds.